Organized Tennis at Four Seasons Racquet Club

Handshake_300Four Seasons Racquet Club provides one of the most talked about Game Arranging services in Fairfield County. The highlights of our service are:

• Great way to meet new players at your tennis level, practice for an upcoming USTA match or just get some exercise.

• We do it all—create, book and manage the games.

• We provide a very relaxed, no-pressure service. Last minute changes in your schedule are no problem. You let us know you need a sub and we do the rest. You suddenly have time for a game, we do our best to find a game for you.

• We work hard to maintain the level and balance of our matches to provide the best tennis possible.

• Four Seasons Racquet Club has the largest indoor/outdoor facility in Fairfield County. And, it is one of the only family owned and run tennis facilities in the area.

• All you have to do is tell us you want to join in the fun and let us do the rest.
Deb Gehrlein runs our game arranging program, and will be expanding the service this year. To get involved this season, email Deb. You will then receive a confirmation email with the Game Arranging details and a request for more detailed information.

• Court fees do apply.

Debra Gehrlein, or call Deb’s cell, 203-253-6871.


Player Feedback:
“Thank you so much for your dedication to this program. It has been so incredible to have you organize games throughout the year. I was so thrilled when someone put me in touch with you. I always loved playing and enjoyed the groups you organized for me. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful service to all of us eager to play.” PB NTRP 3.0

“Thanks Deb for a great fall/winter/early spring coordination!! I had some great tennis matches and look forward to doing it next year.” TS NTRP 3.5

“Thanks Deb for organizing this. It really is such a great service and has been good tennis and a lot of fun! Really nice to play with a variety of players too.” GK NTRP 4.0

“Thank you for such a wonderful service. Hopefully, you will continue organizing games for us in the future.” DS NTRP 3.5

“Thanks for your superior service this year!!” JU NTRP 3.5