Handshake_300Created and directed by Deb Gehrlein, Four Seasons’ Game Arranging service is designed to supplement your weekly games and instructional activities. Deb does a fabulous job of creating in-level games while also offering the opportunity to play up a level when possible. Most arranged games are doubles, but Deb can put together the occasional singles game when the interest is there.

Games are booked and maintained for the players with the job of finding subs and rescheduling being handled by Deb. Players are kept well informed of the status of their game from start to finish including when weather threatens.

Available to both members and non-members, the service is conducted on a weekly basis and offers competitive yet friendly games as well as the opportunity to meet new players.

For members, this service is complimentary allowing members to simply pay the applicable court fees. For non-members, the fees will be $30.00 per doubles game and $40.00 per singles game.

For further details, please contact Deb at